Instructions For the ShawWing™ Cavitation Plate Installation

Remember, Kevin Shaw and Dan Bonnes say Safety First! Make sure you have the appropriate protective gear for this project. You’ll need safety eyeware, dust mask, a comfortable pair of gloves and a well ventilated area to work.

  1. Fit notch in bottom plate to slide under the lower units cavitation plate.
  2. Fit top plate notch around top side of unit’s cavitation plate (1/8″ to 1/4″ of play is fine). Top plate slides from propeller side of lower unit to the front on top of the cavitation plate.
  3. Once both plates are notched to fit slide bottom plate on bottom of cavitation plate of lower unit and slide top plate on top of cavitation of lower unit.
  4. Use C-clamps or Quick Grips to squeeze plates together as is bolted on lower unit.
  5. Trace with a pen or pencil the top plate onto where it fits over top plate.
  6. Remove plates from lower unit and clamp back together on traced outline from top plate to bottom plate.
  7. On top plate drill 1/4″ hole starting from front of the top plate 1″ over from edge and 1″ from front of plate. Drill 1/4″ hole every 4″ starting from the 1st 1/4″ hole drilled on top plate.
    Note: Leave plates clamped together so 1/4″ holes line up with each other.
  8. Once holes are drilled slide plates back on lower unit. Use 1-1/4″ machine head bolts, 1/4″ finishing washers, 1/4″ flat washers and nylon locking nuts (all stainless steel). Put all bolts 4 corners finger tight. Put head of bolt and finishing washer on bottom of plate. Put flat washer and locking nut on top.
  9. Use silicone or 3M 5200 to make a gasket in between plates and around the lower unit. ( Do not be shy while calking the plate and lower unit.)
  10. Put the rest of the bolts in holes and tighten down. Clean excess calk off of plate that squeezes out after tightening bolts with Acetone.
  11. Put bead of calk under and on top of the Shaw Wing plate where it was notched to fit lower unit. (This helps keep grass from getting stuck around notched out area of plates)
  12. Chop excess thread of machine head bolts off with bolt cutters so grass will not get caught on them.

Please call if you have any questions.
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