Our most popular tool. Safely guide suspended loads or reach for tag lines and rigging.

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Stiffy Hand Tool tm

Each SHT 2 is enhanced with a Carbon Fiber sleeve on the neck where the tooling head is mounted. This increases the tools strength significantly

Our goal is to manufacture a line of safe hand tool to provide HSE Managers and Rigging and Slinging Trainers real solutions to create safer working conditions. The Stiffy Hand Tool is crucial to the implementation of hands-free and hands-off policies. When used effectively and as designed, the Stiffy Hand Safety Tool provides a buffer zone of safety where personnel can guide, maneuver, and spot suspended loads while avoiding pinch and crush points. The Stiffy Hand Safety Tool gives operators a way to mitigate risk by equipping and training workers to not place themselves in danger by working in an unsafe proximity to hazardous suspended loads.

If someone breaks a Stiffy Hand Tool using it properly, that usually means a potential injury was prevented.
That’s why we say, Stiffy Tools-Safe Hands-Save Hands

The SHT 2 is available in 42-50-72” lengths.

Ratings: Load testing: Static Pull = 400 lbs. / Compression = 600 lbs., Our tools are not lifting / load bearing tools, SWL cert not required. Major components tested to ASTM standards, Seeking NOPSA (AU) Review, Country of origin: USA


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